Holistic hypnosis therapies


Two sessions of healing - choose your own adventure.

  • Private, live, face-to-face sessions online (worldwide).

  • Theta Healing.

  • Or Past Life Regression.

  • Customized sessions.

Remove any blocks to your intimacy;

Rebalance, rekindle, and reinforce your love.

  • Private, live, virtual sessions.

  • Reconnect with each other on 3 levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual.

  • 6 bi-weekly sessions.

  • Reignite your passion for each other, and rejuvenate your relationship.

Birth Doula Packages

.:. .:. .:.

Want an easier birth?

Let me show you how...

Services offered during pregnancy, labor, and birth:

  • Dona trained Doula Service,

  • Prenatal Massage,

  • Prenatal Theta Healing,

  • Prenatal Hypnosis Training,

  • Baby Showers & Blessing Ways,

  • Birth Photography,

Services offered postpartum:

  • Postpartum Wellness follow up,

  • Naming Ceremonies,

  • Postpartum Ceremonies,

  • ...and more 

For complete Birth Doula package options in the Oakland CA area, please email

Now booking July, August, and September Births - schedule your virtual Doula interview today.


Kalikia is a down-to-earth, tuned in, and open-hearted compassionate professional.


She's skilled at setting up a safe space... I felt comfortable sharing my honest experience with her, even when it included some moments of self-doubt .

I'm excited to continue the journey!

A & R

We're grateful for your positive impact on our relationship.


Our relationship continues to grow stronger, so all good things [are] happening.

We appreciate you keeping us focused on our [relationship] goals and ensuring we're sticking to the plan.

M & P

We learned a lot about how to care for one another during this incomparable trans-formation in our lives. 


I have terrific results with Kalikia. First two session were around addiction.  


After just two sessions I was not only off the wagon -

I could have the substance laid out in front of me and not even register it as a thing.  


...18 months later still good.

Kalikia shares "The Meaning of Service" and offers a free guided meditation.
Kalikia shares "The Meaning of Service" & a free healing meditation

How may I be of Service?

What path led me here? Here are my credentials:

I am a certified Theta Healer and Reiki Master, and a Massage Therapist for 15 years. 


I also have certified training in Hypnosis, Neurology and Kinesiology.

I have been an Ordained Minister since 2013. I continue to educate myself in Spirit, Religion, Nutrition, Plant Medicines, and Shamanism. 


I graduated from Mills College with a BA in Ethnic Studies.

Currently I am completing my Master certifications in NLP.

I am also a DONA trained Birth Doula.


All told, I have over 20 years experience offering 5 star service to individuals as they progress on personal journeys. 
Certified and serving since 1997.

My current offerings are:

  • Private Holistic Therapy and Doula services in Oakland, CA.

  • Virtual one-on-one Holistic Therapy services worldwide.

  • Virtual group classes & meditation programs.

I reside in Northern California and travel to facilitate workshops throughout the US.


My books are now available on Amazon here.